Going Grey Gracefully-To Color or Not To Color

I think my stylist thinks I’m cuckoo

Do you color your hair? Have you accepted going grey gracefully, or are you fighting it til the end? There is no right or wrong answer for it is most certainly a personal and individual choice. But what are your thoughts on coloring your hair?

I found my first grey hair in Feb 1995, oh yes, I remember it vividly. I was 31 years old, and there it was; right up front! I was mortified. I was too young, lol. I called my aunt to tell her…I did not run straight out to buy hair color though. I analyzed it. Yes, that’s right, I studied that bugger for days. I decided it was that pretty white/silvery color and wouldn’t be so bad if they were all that way. Of course there is no way to know with just one grey hair what the rest will be like, and 22 years later I still don’t know!

I decided I didn’t want to color my hair and although I have gone through phases of coloring since. I have not colored my hair to hide the grey. I developed some notion that coloring it would cause it to be an ugly shade of grey and shied away from it. If I must have grey hair, I want pretty grey. I think my stylist thinks I’m cuckoo. After several years, though, I started coloring it on occasion to have a different color. I only colored now and again just for a change. I found I really have no patience for touching up roots every few weeks. I’m a let it grow out and then color the entire head kind of person. I guess that’s ok, but it can look pretty bad; depending on what color you went with. Heck, I don’t even like going for a trim with any regularity. Well, that’s not entirely true. I don’t think far enough in advance to make an appointment with any regularity. I think about needing to go, but take forever to call and get in…..

Both of my grandmothers had beautiful white hair and that’s what I am hoping for. That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

I also found that no matter what color I used (shade or brand) I always ended up with red hair or a red tint for a couple of weeks after. I used one particular brand once, and went with an auburn shade (I figured if it was going to look red why not). It turned out almost neon red! My neighbors across the street didn’t think it was me! They thought “The Man” had moved someone new in!!! You can be sure I never used that brand again!

This picture is one of the last times I colored my hair; a couple of weeks before my sons wedding almost two years ago. As you can see it still looks fairly red on the day of the wedding.

This was not quite a year ago as the color from my last coloring was growing out. If I could have this shade from day one until time to color again; I might color it again. I don’t think there are any guarantees!

And this is now. My own au natural hair. I realized when I looked at this picture I have my own unique color, It is called “tree bark”! Go on in and ask your stylist for this color…

As you can see there is quite a bit of “snow on the mountian top”. Now if only it would just “do its thing” and turn; I would be happy. Or would I? I considered coloring it all grey once (that seems to be quite the rage). I figured that would be a way of knowing what it would look like and if I would like it. I went so far as to talk to my stylist about it. When she told me I would have to bleach all my color out and then color it. I gave that notion up real fast!!! Mother Nature can just take over.

I have a true love/hate relationship with my hair. I go in for a trim and like it for about ten minutes after leave, then it drives me bonkers for a few weeks before I like it again, then it’s time to repeat…..Someone once said I should find a new stylist. I have tried that. I haven’t found one that I like any better than the one I have used for years. If you are local and have any recommendations; I am open. Let me know who you use. Tell me your thoughts. Do you color? Have you recently stopped coloring? Are you going to go down in a blaze of coloring glory? I would love to hear from you and what you think.

Last week was a slow writing week, here on the blog. To say I was preoccupied with all the goings on with Miss Caterina is an understatement. The week certainly did not go the way I had envisioned it. For those who don’t already know you can read about it on last Mondays blog post; http://www.grandma2glamma.com/things-dont-always-go-as-planned if you do know what was going on, Miss Caterina came home Wednesday and seems to be doing very well! Thank you, everyone, for the prayers and good thoughts.

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Author: grandma2glamma

I'm a Lifestyle/Fashion Blogger, SAHGMa, Marathoner, and PowerLifter; sharing my journey of weight loss, fitness, fashion, and finding myself after 50. By sharing my triumphs and trials, I hope to encourage and inspire others along their journey.

18 thoughts on “Going Grey Gracefully-To Color or Not To Color”

  1. Great post. I gave up colouring a year ago as I was tired of the white roots. I now wish I’d done it sooner. Not only is it much easier, it’s also bright white and gets loads of compliments. I recommend it.

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  2. I started growing my hair out after admiring Carol C.’s hair at WW. Once I got past the “skunk” stripe, it was full steam ahead. I would love to have white/silver hair and I do in a small section, they rest is battleship gray or as I like to say pewter. The money and time I save is worth it. I try to eat clean and organic as much as possible, why was I putting chemicals on my head. But truth be told, I do think about coloring now and then, a nice honey blond with highlights. 🙂


    1. She does have beautiful hair. I do still think about it now and then, that’s for sure. I’m like you though, why am I putting that “junk” on my head? Pewter is better than “tree bark”, lol! Does that make me a “naturist”?


  3. Someone asked me to join a Facebook group, “gray and proud” I think was the name. The women had amazing gray hair and I was so jealous. I would love to stop this expensive and time consuming habit. But I just can’t do it. i have dark hair and I don’t like my gray when I am a little lax getting it touched up. I truly don’t think it would look good on me and I am scared of the growing out stage. I’ll keep thinking about it and maybe one day take the plunge.

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  4. Another great blog, Janet. I stopped coloring years ago. I like my natural gray, blonde color. Stephanie at JC Penney in Eastpoint cuts my hair. I have been going to her for years. She has never let me down. If you decide to give her a try, tell her I sent you. By the way, I love your cut and natural color. 😁 Doris Sent from my iPad


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  5. My hair is salt n pepper or silver as I call it, & I can’t tell you how many times a week I get complimented on it, or women looking sideways at it (I’m assuming it’s in admiration 😃).
    I love it! Feels so good to be authentically ME: 50, fabulous, & giving the middle finger to Ageist main stream culture. Stuff that. I recommend regular visits to a hairdresser if you’re gonna do the change to silver (much more precious than ‘grey’). Be proud of yourself ladies!! 💪🏼💪🏼💃🏻

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