To the Red Haired Girl at the Splash Pad



I saw you with your frizzy red pigtails, freckled face and your soaking wet yellow dress.  I saw you watching my daughter.  I saw you sitting near her, not too close, but close enough to watch her expression as she concentrated on watching the buckets fill with water and then pour down.  Most kids would be standing under that water.  Mine likes to watch from a distance.  I saw you smile at her.  And then I saw you look up at me.

You walked to me, shivering in the air, soaking wet.  And you smiled this beautiful, crooked smile with your front teeth missing.  I smiled back.  And you sat next to me and watched my daughter again.  Here is where I brace myself as a mom.

My daughter has Down Syndrome.  She’s non verbal and has some autistic tendencies.  She doesn’t know how to relate to other kids, sometimes doesn’t…

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4 Reasons You Should Take Dance Lessons Before Your Big Day


I think this is a VERY good idea!

The Urben Life

4 reasons dance lessons wedding

The seating chart is set. The timeline is scheduled. Your wedding party has rehearsed. It’s the night before your big day and the only thing you forgot to plan was your first dance. Don’t let this happen to you!

If you’re a dancer or have some crazy amount of confidence, then this read might not be for you. But if you’re anything like me and enjoy having monumental life events planned or roughly outlined, let me convince you why you should absolutely take dance lessons before your wedding.

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Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

If you are so inclined; please take a moment to say a prayer

We have a new grand little! It’s a girl! Do you remember I told you the newest grand little was due to be delivered this past Friday 4/21? Well, she was, but not completely according to plan.

Since she was scheduled to be born via C-section, her mother had her last doctors appointment on Thursday. Well, at that appointment her blood pressure was elevated, her feet were swollen as big as my head, and the hospital wasn’t packed; so they decided they would deliver her Thursday night…..everyone rushed to get things done and head off to the hospital to await the arrival. Well, you know, it didn’t happen that way.

During the couple of hours before she had to be at the hospital, apparently half the town decided to go into labor, and the labor and delivery unit started filling up fast. After, being admitted, prepped, and several hours of sitting there, the doctor determined that moms BP had stabilized, and there was no reason not to wait until Friday as planned. So, by the time they put her in a room and everyone got their game plan on for Friday and headed home it was after 11:00pm! We headed home to try for a few hours sleep.

We reassembled at the hospital on Friday morning to await the big event! At 10:00am Miss Caterina Faith, made her grand entrance, weighing in at 8’10” and 19.75 inches long!

Isn’t she adorable?

Later that day it was determined that her blood sugar was low and after several testings she was moved to the NICU, to try to determine the cause and to bring it back up. It has come up, with IV glucose therapy, but once she is taken off it starts going right back down. This is something that can be just a minor transitioning issue to being VERY serious and potentially life threatening. It has been said they have ruled those out, but I’m not sure, I’ve spent many years in health care and don’t trust the system or most doctors any farther than I can throw them! And then there is just something about “we’ve tested for everything”, “there is no reason”, “this is a normal occurrence”, and “we are starting to rule things out” that just makes me think; they haven’t checked for “everything” yet…..but what do I know? Apparently, they say, that they have determined it isn’t diabetes or an infection. They think it is just because she is a big baby. Maybe. I sure hope and pray so. But in the meantime….

I have told mom and dad, they need to ask “specific” questions and take notes! Sadly, in this day and age you have to CYA, first. They need to know you are asking, researching, documenting, and not just blindly trusting what you are being told. Most doctors hate it when you turn to Dr. Google, but it’s definitely in your best interest to be as informed as possible. Yes, you can scare yourself silly, but you can also know what to ask! And being specific is important.

As of now she will remain in the NICU until she can be weaned off the supplemental glucose and her blood sugar levels remain above 50 for 9-12 hours. If you are so inclined; please take a moment to say a prayer, send good thoughts, or mojo. Whatever you can do, would be greatly appreciated.

Have any of you or anyone you know, experienced this? If so, how long did it take to straighten out? Was it just a “routine” this happened or were there underlying causes? Please take a moment and let me know. I will certainly keep you updated on Miss Caterina’s progress.

Until the next time


Happy Easter

I want to take just a minute today to wish you Easter Blessings.

“The Man” and I went to breakfast early this morning. The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful, very warm spring day. It’s a day to reflect renewal and all that you’ve been blessed with; and I did.

I have been doing that frequently the past few weeks. I have been going through a renewal (of sorts) of my own. There a lot of great things going on in my life. I believe (for reasons unknown to me) that I have been led to start this blog, and become involved with Plunder, at this particular time, for a reason. This is not a Plunder pitch, but everyday I see women being a blessing to and helping other women. Usually women who they have never even met, sometimes on the other side of the country. This is love. This is what we have been commanded to do; love one another. Not to tear each other down, because of political beliefs, different religious beliefs, or to be “holier than thou”.

I am not an overly, outward religious person; but I’m a believer. I also believe you can worship wherever you are, that you don’t have to go to a particular place to do so. Maybe that’s why I like running on Sunday so much. It’s a time for me to reflect and worship. I can see the beauty of G-d all around me.

Take a moment today to tell someone you love them. Not just the family you may spend the day with, but your fellow-man.

I love y’all! Be blessed.

Until the next time



When It Rains It Pours

We are counting our blessings

Can this week get any crazier? I know better than to ask that, so it isn’t a “real” question….Not only is it a full moon, I heard  there are four different planets going into retrograde or some such something, and all kind of craziness is ensuing. The grand littles have been on spring break all week and have no idea what to do with themselves. I’ve tried to step back from business and posting as much this week so that I can devote more time to them, but I’m not sure how successful I have been.

If that isn’t enough; yesterday (or should I say Tuesday night) when “The Man” was putting his stuff in his car to go to work another car came flying out of nowhere and almost took the door off our vehicle; with him standing right there! This is what it looks like:

Fortunately he was not hit or injured in any way. But can I just say; it was scary as all hell!! And had the makings to be much worse. It’s costing us money we should not have to put out but, at the end of the day, we are counting our blessings. I think it certainly undid whatever good yoga and meditation provided Tuesday night….

Needless to say, I accomplished almost nothing yesterday. The day was spent taking care of business.

I didn’t make the best food choices yesterday. I didn’t feel like cooking, that was just one chore I wasn’t up too, so we picked up some take out. On the plus side I didn’t eat my emotions. It would have been very easy to have hit up a drive through in the middle of the night when it happened. Adrenaline has a way of making you think you’re starving. I guess it’s a good thing leaving the house would have seemed like a chore, lol!

I hope your day was much less eventful than mine. I did get an email with some good news, that I’ll be able to share with you in a few weeks. Things are definitely coming together here. Please continue to like and share the blog with your friends. I appreciate it greatly and everyday the subscriber list growing. Take a few minutes and let me know what’s going on with you!

Until the next time





What strategies do you use to “get your head back in the game”

March was an extremely busy month. There was the style challenge, March madness with Plunder, entering the Marine Corps Marathon lottery and getting selected (I’m still in shock over that) and trying to get things going and growing here with the blog. Trying to grow the Facebook page, and getting Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest all set-up. There is so much more to learn than I ever thought. It’s fun, but crazy, and very time-consuming.

Many days I was burning the candle at both ends. In doing so I put “me” on the back burner. Oh I’m sure it sounds like I was doing plenty for “me”. But I wasn’t taking proper care of myself.  I didn’t eat right, I didn’t exercise right,  I didn’t always get enough sleep, it seems I just ran on auto-pilot some days. So of course, I didn’t always make good choices. I would find myself grazing instead of eating a meal, or preparing the quickest thing I could get away with. Reaching for snacks. Snacks in and of themselves aren’t always bad, but when I don’t pay attention to the amount I consume, well, that is where the problem lies, and that can set me up on a slippery slope, to slide backwards and I feel like crap, I don’t sleep well, and I’m cross!

So I’m back to pulling my head out of my backside. Or at least trying. I’ve said this more than once over the past few months, but…. After all I now have a race to get ready for, and it won’t be time to start carb loading for a while, but you can bet come race week; carb load I will, hahaha!

In the meantime though, today, I switched myself to the Weight Watchers “simply filling plan”. I have to find a way to cut out the junk and this is what usually forces me to do that. I eliminate virtually all processed foods, which is what has got me going to far off the ledge. I have had a need, want, desire, obsession, craving (?) call it what you will, but salt and sugar have been my friends, lately. I’ve been able to stay with in my goal weight range, but by the skin of my teeth, and I’m certainly not doing my body any favors. I cannot train properly if I don’t fuel properly either.

If I make through this week, with ALL the littles home all day, since it’s spring break; I might be ok.

What do you do when that happens? What strategies do you use to “get your head back in the game”? Do you have any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions? If so, lay them on me! I need them all.

Wish me luck and send good vibes!

Until the next time.


Spring Style Challenge Week 2-Day 6

I see a big difference in this day vs last week

Here we are, starting the modeling session for week two of the Spring Style Challenge selections. This week seemed to get harder as it went on for me, although today was far from easy. I don’t think I was the only one having a hard time. Many of us were dealing with winter temperatures while trying on and modeling clothing we couldn’t wear out of the house yet. This seemed to make it harder. Below is my capsule that I pulled together for week two. There are some items from week 1 and many of these were in what I originally thought my capsule would be. Some were not what I had thought to use, but I decided to go outside of the box one day. At the end of this week I’ll post a collage of the entire capsule. Some things will change as there will be some additions and deletions. I think I will end up with more than items than the assignment called for, but there will be a good bit of mix/match possibilities; which what the focus is on.

This was the style idea for today’s challenge. Still no cropped flare pants in my wardrobe, so I went to plan B again.

This is what I came up with. Like I said it was a hard day. I had to get be ready super early since I’m depending on someone to shoot the pictures. I had an idea for what I wanted to use for the assignment and at the last-minute remembered the mint green blouse and pulled it out to use too. As you can see it looks as if I slept in it. I think I looked like I just jumped out of bed too. That must be what no make-up does for you, and I don’t always wear make-up. Kinda scary now, isn’t it?

I substituted white jeggings for the cropped flares. The jeggings are the Classic 5 pocket jegging by DG2 and came from the Home Shopping Network-HSN. They fit and wear great.  For my colorful top I used a teal lace up sweater. I chose this strictly because of the deep color.  This also came from HSN, it is a line called That Woman by none other than That Girl-Marlo Thomas! How many of you remember that show? Did you know Marlo is 79? Isn’t that crazy? She has just launched her own clothing line focusing on us over 50 ladies. It features items similar to some of the things from the That Girl era, but designed to look and make us 50-ish ladies feel good in our skin. I then decided to use the mint blouse and I actually wore this look last year, and felt comfortable and confident in it. This blouse came from Express, almost two years ago. It is very cool and comfortable.

Next are my accessories (or lack thereof) for today. The shoes were all shown with last weeks looks. The sweater doesn’t call for a necklace because of the lace up detail; they would just compete with each other. I forgot to grab jewelry to use with the mint green blouse but I usually wear gold with it, especially if I’m wearing the shoes with the gold on them. That “bookends” the look. That goes back to-day 4 with the “greenery” color and gold working with it.

I tried the booties with each look, because I often read and hear that wearing shoes that match your pants color can lengthen the look of your leg. I know I could use some help in that area. I wasn’t a big fan of it though. What do you think? The reviews from the group were mixed on the booties with this look, but most seemed to prefer the mint top to the sweater. Since it is a spring look, I do think it says spring better. I would wear the teal sweater on a day that calls for a sweater though.

I think I looked and felt like “something the cat drug in” for the most part in these looks. Maybe I should ask for a “do-over”, lol! I probably should have scrapped this days assignment, but I also think it was a good learning experience. I see a big difference in this day vs last week and it isn’t for the better….

If you have any thoughts or ideas on this days looks, drop me a message. I would enjoy hearing what you have to say.

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